2012 Availability Calendar

Hello everyone. It's Mira here with a quick hello and I hope this message finds you well.

I can't believe summer is half over already! It's mid July 2012 and I am still not accepting any orders at this time. I appreciate all of your messages and comments and I thank you for checking it. At this time I have no return date.




♥ RED VELVET ♥ My SIGNATURE cupcake, classically redefined. Red cocoa cake with delicious mini chocolate chips. Topped with vanilla cream and a dash of chocolate sprinkles. The BEST in the Bay (so I've been told)!

♥ BANILLA ♥ Dense banana cake topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting. SO delicious!!!!

♥ CHOCOLATE BANANA Dense chocolate chip banana cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting. My favorite combination!

♥ SNICKERDOODLE ♥ Cinnamon infused vanilla cake topped with cinnamon buttercream & a dusting of cinnamon sugar. A favorite!!

♥ PUMPKIN SPICE ♥ A fall favorite! Delicate pumpkin spice cake. Topped with classic cream cheese frosting.

♥ KARAT PECAN ♥ Moist, rich carrot cake with a hint of spice. Topped with classic cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans.

CHOCOLATE PB ♥ Rich chocolate chipped cake. Topped with a delicious peanut butter cream.

♥ MAYAN CHOCOLATE ♥ An exotic chocolate cake infused with cinnamon. Topped with Kahlua buttercream.

♥ DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ♥ A rich chocolate cake topped with the frosting of your choice.

♥ VANILLA ♥ Buttery vanilla cake topped with the frosting of your choice.

♥ COOKIES 'N CREME ♥ Rich chocolate cake with chocolate bits. Topped with vanilla cream buttercream and crushed Oreos. Got milk?

♥ ISLAND COCONUT ♥ Buttery vanilla coconut cake. Topped with tropical coconut buttercream and toasted coconut sprinkle. A MUST for coconut lovers!!!!

♥ LEMON DROP ♥ When life gives you lemons, make cake! Delicious FRESH lemon buttermilk cake. Topped with tangy lemon flecked buttercream.

♥ Feel free to leave a comment using the link below. No account needed! Just select the ♥ name ♥ option. I hope that you enjoy Mira Cakes as much as I did baking them. Cheers!